8 simple steps for preparing an event query

05.03. 2018

People not engaged in event planning may often get a headache just from the fact that they have to organize something. Preparing an event query can be days work. During this time, the duties of the employee that he/she actually enjoys performing are left in the background. In these situations, event agency comes to the rescue.

You should start with event planning rather early. The most popular and best places, bands, event managers and providers of activities are booked very early.

Do you wish for the event planning and preparing event query to be carefree? See the instructions for preparing a query below.


We have written down 8 steps that help you in preparing an event query.


  1. What is the purpose of the event? Think through if the event should be a traditional one or something special – a day with a specific theme, for example. The latter would include bringing the team together and using new knowledge in practice through educational entertainment. Read more about summer events with special solutions here.
  2. How many people? When planning an event, think whether it is meant only for employees or will family members be involved. The budget, location and the entire programme depend on it significantly.
  3. Location. Location is one of the most important points in the entire planning. The following questions have to be thought about:
  • In what region should the event be held?
  • Should the place be near a body of water?
  • Will people stay overnight? If yes, will accommodation be offered to all?

4. Transportation. Find an ideal solution for collective transport. Think whether the employees come by personal cars or will there be a collective ride by bus(es) organised. Why not find a location that can be reached by train? Companies with units in many different regions of the country should certainly think about transportation.

5. Programme. Event management has to have specific objectives. :

  • Will it be an enjoyable relaxing day with the colleagues?
  • Do you wish to bring the employees together through various team games on that day?
  • How should the management of the company participate on that day so that the normal workers would have a good connection with them?

We have carried out playful activities at the events which confirm the strength of the brand and new goals of the company to the employee; real bottlenecks and problems that the employees may occur are solved through games. We can offer all of it as a special solution. Read more about it here.

6. History of previous events. Upon preparing a query for yourself and for the event planner, it is important to describe what the activities performed over the last three years have been.

Here are some points for you to write down:

  • Who have been the event managers?
  • What bands have performed and what style have the people liked the most?
  • Where have the events taken place?
  • What have been the additional activities and what are the activities that people in your company prefer to participate in?
  • What has been the programme intended for children?

7. Event budget. The query should also include an approximate budget. It makes the preparation of the event plan more clear to the orderer and to the cooperation partner. This is how all of the parties will save enormous amount of time. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of possibilities to organise cool events. Ask us what the most popular programmes have recently been.

8. Offer the agency a chance to present your conceptual design. All ideas and solutions (also emotions) cannot be written down on paper. In the meeting, it is good to get to know the cooperation partner, listen to its ideas and talk about all of the details and objectives. Sign up for a free consultation with Frank team (read more below) and let’s talk about it in detail.


When planning events, there are in fact a billion smaller points that have to be thought about. A good agency is able to bring out the possible bottlenecks already early in the work. So in order for you to do your everyday work, you have us, leisure engineers, whose day-to-day task is to plan and carry out events.


Would you like a free consultation? Let us know here. Fill in the contact form and we will get back to you within 48 hours at the latest. It is as simple as that! ?

 Did you already got some ideas? Then download free (here) instructions how to put together an ideal brief for yourself and partners.