Seminars & conferences

It is often thought that a strategy day, seminars or conferences are another unimaginative workday filled with loads of information, where the company’s management wants to see the employees some “new idea”. Making an effort we can turn it into an event that helps participants to better memorize the company’s message or strategy! There are a lot of ways to achieve this.

We hardly need to remind you that there’s a huge amount of small things and details that one needs to think about for organizing a successful event. The more professional it is done, the better the result. The most important thing for making an event a success at a reasonable budget is early and detailed planning.


Below we have listed examples of what should be considered in organizing workshops and conferences.

Project management:

  • Budgeting and monitooring
  • Procurement and selection of suitable partners
  • Finding the venue and making the necessary arrangements
  • Creating a website and managing online information
  • Event marketing activities, public relations, information materials and media relations
  • Organizing conference secretariat and information desk
  • Registration of participants (via e-mail or online)
  • Transport (flight, ship or bus tickets, transfers)
  • Booking accommodation
  • Catering
  • Creating sponsorship packages and finding potential supporters.


Technical implementation of the conference:

  • Conference equipment and various visual aids
  • Video and photographer
  • Simultaneous interpretation service
  • Online (live stream) Broadcasting
  • Providing WiFi access for conference participants.


Entertaining program:

  • Creating an entertainment programm
  • Organizing gala dinners and receptions
  • Organizing and conducting exciting local tours.