Frank Events is the Gazelle Company 2018 in Estonia

09.01. 2018

A gazelle company is a company that has increased its turnover and profit more than 50% within three years; such companies have the important properties of a fast-developing company – flexibility, fastness, boldness – and these create new jobs the most.

Only less than 1% of Estonian companies are gazelles.

gazelle company

The gazelle movement in Estonia celebrates its 18th birthday in 2018 – this is exactly how long newspaper Äripäev has put together a chart of top gazelles, organised the Gazelle Congress and written about how the gazelle companies are doing. Gazelle is a fast-growing company that has increased its turnover and profit at least 50% over the last three years. The gazelle movement values the fast-growing companies by knowing that it is these that create the most jobs in all of the states and that are flexible, fast and bold. The gazelle movement originates from the USA, the author of the term is American economist David Birch. For example, the leading business newspaper Kauppalehti in Finland and the largest business newspaper Dagens Industri in Sweden put together the charts of fast-growing companies.

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