When is the right time to organise a team event?

09.04. 2018

This is a question that the managers and the personnel managers of the company have to wrestle with constantly. Team motivation is one of the key points that managers have to think about. All of the managers wish for their employees to be positive, motivated and therefore also have high performance results. 

Very different things/activities motivate different people, for example, money, compensation for workouts and/or fuel, trainings, free lunch or transportation, professional recognition, etc. All of these are but short-term (generally up to 6 months) motivations.

team-motivation  team-motivation

In Estonia, the three main motivation events for the company personnel are the birthday/anniversary of the company, summer event and Christmas party. Over the last couple of years, several various additional activities carried out in smaller groups have been added. For example, bowling, camping, sauna evening, dinner, etc.

However, the most important question is when is the exactly the RIGHT time to organise this great team motivation event.

It often happens that the managers of the department react too late. They only react when the motivation and energy level of the team members has already decreased and people count the days until vacation. At the moment when the personnel manager makes the year plan of professional activities, he/she should also add various team events in the activity plan which would take place during the year at approximately equal intervals.

Several studies have shown that already a 2–3-hour-long activity is a great motivation boost. Something that keeps the minds of people off work and brings the team together.

An illustrative example of the planning of team motivation activities has been brought out below.

  Activity* Volume**
January New Year’s Eve party Entire company
February Strategy day, team event, seminar – introduce the objectives of a new calendar year. A fun team activity (by departments) follows the event. By departments or the entire company
March A more active outing of the team.
April Self-development – participation in some seminars. It may be professional, but we suggest to let the employees choose a training that they are interested in.
May Charity – participating together in some spring cleaning action. By departments or the entire company
June Summer event – either with or without families. Entire company
July Family day – time for families. It is also important to give the employees time to spend with their families. Entire company
August Summer event – either with or without families. Entire company
September Seminar at work place – professional training lasting a couple of hours which sets the focus of the employees for the autumn. By departments or the entire company (depending on the size of the company)
October A smaller team activity. A film night at the office or outside the office is enough, for example. By departments or the entire company (depending on the size of the company)
November Some pre-Christmas action for the benefit of regional community (kindergartens, schools, public green area, etc.). By departments
December Christmas party – think whether to ask people with somebody or not. Entire company
* The activity depends on the accounting of the financial year of the company; when summaries are made and when new objectives are set.
** The volumes differ significantly between companies. It is an illustrative example.


The above table is very general and in no way set in stone. Each manager or personnel manager of the company needs time to make a specific plan suitable for their company. It is more favourable to keep the good employed personnel in the company using a positive work environment and outlook on life. It would be a mistake to tire the personnel with a great work load and then raise the motivation for a moment. When starting working for a company, every employee is interested in the internal culture of the company. Bonuses and various compensations may not have long-term effect. Many employees look for excitement and opportunities to educate themselves. That is why it is important to keep all of the activities in balance throughout the year.

Each event agency should be able to consult and think along with the personnel managers about which exiting activity is the best one for the employees of their company. The task of the agencies is to find a middle road between education and fun.

Come to a consultation at Frank and we will help you set a plan. Write us and we will get back to you within 12 hours.