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November, 2017

When is the right time to organise a team event?

This is a question that the managers and the personnel managers of the company have to wrestle with constantly. Team motivation is one of the key points that managers have to think about. All of the managers wish for their employees to be positive, motivated and therefore also have high performance results. 

Very different things/activities motivate different people, for example, money, compensation for workouts and/or fuel, trainings, free lunch or transportation, professional recognition, etc. All of these are but short-term (generally up to 6 months) motivations.

team-motivation  team-motivation

In Estonia, the three main motivation events for the company personnel are the birthday/anniversary of the company, summer event and Christmas party. Over the last couple of years, several various additional activities carried out in smaller groups have been added. For example, bowling, camping, sauna evening, dinner, etc.

However, the most important question is when is the exactly the RIGHT time to organise this great team motivation event.

It often happens that the managers of the department react too late. They only react when the motivation and energy level of the team members has already decreased and people count ...

When is the right time to organise a team event?

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