Customer event: how, how often, what opportunities and ideas?

29.12. 2021

Time and time again, we’re wondering how and with which events we should organize to be in touch with our customers. It is worth planning a client event at least once (if possible twice) a meaningful and memorable customer event.  An event where you can talk to everyone can be more effective than attending a large trade fair, which is a good place for branding and find new business. 

A customer event can be more expensive than attending a trade fair, but its profitability can be many times higher. It is in your power whom you invite to the event so achieving quality contact is much higher. 

A customer event is a good place to highlight your business’s greatest achievements, new products or just interact with customers and partners in a pleasant atmosphere. If you want a bigger customer event, why not invite also all potential customers to the event. With today’s technical production, it is possible to create unforgettable moments. Some examples like event of opening Magnetic MRO new work hangar, the launch of Ülemiste City new brand or a spectacular customer and marketing event of the Emajõe railway bridge raft party.

Which is better – a virtual or in person client event?

Despite of the virtual event endless possibilities people are social creatures and prefer in person contacts and events. We can say that in person events ROI is surely higher than a regular virtual event. But again, it depends of your clients, their location and the nature of your business. In person events have more impact on emotions and feelings experienced on the spot. But with virtual event you can address all your clients no matter in which country or even continent they are. Endless possibilities.

How to organize an event in which most of your customers and potential new business would attend? What is the spectacular feature that gets people on spot?

Much depends on the depth of the previous communication with your clients. And like with most of the things in our life the key is consistency of the events. Decide how often you are going to organize customer events and always follow it through.

  1. Content – A customer event can be fun but also informative. Always involve important partners and guests from abroad. Organize smaller workshop-style group meetings. They  always work, and in smaller groups, people are more likely to ask the speaker more questions. Often gripping discussions arise, which can lead to new contacts, ideas and business.
    • learning event – the focus of the event is to pass “how to” and “why to” knowledge. For this it is good to use your own products and services, specialists and partners. Share customer experiences.
    • a workshop event – it is a step forward from the previous point. Now participants can put their hands to work. With service business the workshop can be set up also as service workshop. With doing something with their hands or solving some intriguing case, people will remember your event better.
    • charity event – organizing such event must be purposefully arranged. People like to do good. The charity event can be held at any time of the year. It is important to thing in detail about the purpose of the event and choose a charity so that it is close to your heart and matches your company, employees and clients values.
    • VIP event – really special event only for your biggest and most important contacts. With this event content and locating have to be VIP. You do not have to fly to the other side of the globe for it. There are as many spectacular opportunities in Estonia as you and your event management partner can think of.
  2. Location – keep in mind of the purpose of the event. Every new place brings more people together. Be it and old or new building, forest, ship, container, plane etc. There are exactly as many options as you are willing to think outside the box and willing to invest. Custom made solutions and locations need more budget.
  3. Invitation – impress people from the first step. The points described above are important, but to get people to your event you need to impress them with your invitation. It has to be such that people want to attend your event. Be it on a paper and delivered by special (caracterized) courier,  a video invitation, a virtual solution or something else. It is worth the effort!

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The customer event can also be set up as a marketing event or part of the company’s internal events.

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