Acer Events is now Frank Events!

09.11. 2017

Event marketing agency Acer Events was founded in 2007. We had been organising various events also before, but this was the official launch of Acer Events OÜ. The story behind this name was that back then the most important thing was to be ranked as high as possible in the neti.ee search engine. Done and done.

Now, 10 years later, we have decided to take the next step and have become event marketing agency Frank Events. Why Frank? Namely, for 10 years there has been a person who helped us to organize all these events, but always remained behind the scenes and a secret. Now he has decided to step into the spotlight and introduce himself. His name is Frank. He is an exciting man to work with, has a lot of experience and awesome ideas. He knows how to make the events beneficial, personal and fun. He has his own ways to achieve all this. Write him 🙂

Frank Events specializes in event management and has become a synonym for professional customer service, innovative and original ideas as well as high quality in everything that we do. In addition to extensive experience, we have studied recreational management in the University of Tallinn, which is why our ideas are fresh and lively, but dignified. Frank also keeps an eye on us all the time.