Creative solutions do not come overnight.

24.01. 2020

What are the best places and sources where event planners find their creative and sometimes utopian ideas? We read an article that had really good points in it. And it put our team thinking and we would love to share some of our ideas.

When planning an event, how utopic and how much science fiction we should incorporate?

It depends of an client and event. Some clients agree with almost every idea we offer. It can be a typical team motivation event or a bigger corporate theme party like Star Wars or futu. These extraordinary events are like pearls that make every project manager’s eye shine and butterflies in their stomach. Therefore for customers we recommend to listen all crazy event ideas that project managers have. Let your team experience something unusual and new.

Of course, there are some clients who stick to their typical annual events. Our task is then to offer some exciting solutions to there events.

Where do we get our ideas?

It is important to walk around eyes open. We find cool ideas everywhere – news, events, travels, books, movies, trends, commercials, politics, jokes etc.

Science fiction and fantasy movies, videos, books and articles can be the best places to get fresh ideas. “Creativity is to find extraordinary in ordinary,” Andres Maimik.

Frank Events team keeps an close eye on event trends. We find that movies, everyday life and festival themes are awesome. One fragment can open a awesome and detailed new world.

What do people remember?

While combining the whole concept of the event it is important to know participants background and which elements will be really surprising to them. The experiences they get from the event needs to touch as many different senses as possible. Good music, food, effects and the original overall picture are what people remember.

When creating a event, it is good if the client has a concern or a problem that thy would like to solve. Many of our clients have told that Frank Events team is really good in solving these problems. Just combining them in the whole concept and in the big picture.

Our portfolio has number of awesome events we have organized.