Events organization trends in 2019

10.01. 2019

Thousands of regular events are organized every day around the world. If not tens of thousands. Why? That’s how it has always been done and can be done quickly and relatively easily. However, there are a number of companies trying to make themselves visible to their employees, customers and to the general public. One way to do this is to organize cool, and memorable events full of emotion. Organizing events with the help of much discussed trends and exciting technological tools can be absolutely profitable, because this can also get wider coverage across the different media channels.



1. Reaching a wider audience through public channels – live streaming, videos, and opinion leaders

Live streaming is a trend that has been increasingly used in recent years and will definitely be used also in the next few years to come. If the purpose of the event is to reach a wider audience, it is recommended to use different channels interwoven. See a series of video-related events in Frank’s portfolio. There are many emotions.

Video solutions in events will provide an opportunity for company employees from other regions and branches to participate in an important training and conference, or even an entertaining Christmas party or company’s summer days. There are many different technical options and channels for streaming – 360 video, drones, Youtube, your own website etc. Of course, the implementation of this solution is an additional cost. It is possible to partially quantify how much revenue the company is wishing to gain thanks to the video solution (revenue growth, adding new leads to the sales channel). Live streaming to increase motivation and brand awareness is a long-term investment. Let’s remember “The best business card for the company is its employee.”

Use of opinion leaders and the sector’s influencers’ channels (Facebook, Instagram) to make the streaming. Using people with a personal brand as the hosts of your day-time event or an evening as part of your event program can be very profitable. It is advisable to find a host for the day, whose worldview matches the customer’s brand, in order to grow a high-quality group of followers.

 For example: let the host of the day make an invitation to your event in his/her own channel (s) which is related to him, your brand as well as the event itself.

The advantage of using social media would be the fact that on Facebook, 500 million users watch 8 billion videos each day.


2. Introducing new technological solutions at the event

Technology is an integral part of marketing today. Organizing events is becoming more and more exciting and at the same time more challenging when exploiting technological opportunities. This applies to promoting and conducting events and making them attractive. It is advisable to involve different specialists with experiences and ability to think so creatively that it would even be possible to plan a wow-element into an event with a smaller budget. Fancy “gadgets” are often used to launch products-services and at public events. These very well-presented “gadgets” always attract a lot of attention and visibility among the guests (social media, recommendations, etc.).


3. Creating a VIP area and “rewarding” the first ticket buyers on the spot

Every guest wants to be a special guest. At larger conferences and seminars, it is advisable to introduce a so-called VIP area. Whether it means more exclusive access to performers, materials or entrance to an evening program, is up to the organizer to decide. However, a surprise could be made also for guests who have bought a regular ticket. For example, the first 100/50/20 ticket buyers or guests will be provided with meals, a welcome meal, or nice gifts from sponsors. What this exact cookie might be like will depend on the content, target audience and opportunities of the event.


4. What is the best location for a planned event?

More and more focus is put trying to move out of the regular spaces with the events. Instead of having a training day in a conference center, opportunities are found to have it in museums, exhibitions, universities, theatre rooms, manors, on roofs, and why not in the woods or bogs.

However, from experience, we can confirm that coming outside of the usual environment and providing unexpected added value on the training day will make the day more effective for participants and the performers. The information is stored better through emotions and the guest is more likely to attend also the following similar events.

In addition to the location, we recommend that you also consider some suitable decorations. Make the guest remember the event right from the start – plan the entrance to the room to look cool and start the program right away. This creates anticipation in the visitor and raises his/her attention.

5. Healthy meals

People are paying more and more attention to their own health and to a great extent do it through nutrition. Offering healthier foods and foods made of natural raw materials at events is increasingly important for guests. Seasonal fresh nibbles and snacks.

All different trends can be effectively linked. An event well planned with good design, program and detail is the perfect business card for customers and co-operation partners. In addition, it is an ideal opportunity to attract media and public attention.

The main challenge in organizing an event is to do something that will stand out and that will be remembered by the participants for a long time and will get good coverage on the various channels. Frank’s team keeps up with world trends. We are happy to present the 2019 trends to our customers to provide something new and exciting.


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Source www.eventbrite.co.uk and www.eventmanagerblog.com