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05.02. 2018

A recent survey “Reputation of marketing agencies and client satisfaction 2017” showed who are the current top players among agencies offering marketing and communication services, what makes the current reputation leaders stand out and what are the bases under which the marketers choose the agencies.

The survey confirms that when choosing an agency, the clients regard the ability of the agency to be a strategic partner for the marketing managers as the most important factor. The clients also think that creativity is very important, whereas the price level plays a relatively smaller role. Good reputation is rather connected with a higher price. The quality of project management and adherence to deadlines and agreements are also important, but this is not a big problem with the Estonian agencies in the opinion of the clients.



As an interesting fact, it became evident from the survey that the highest assessments in absolute numbers in marketing were granted to smaller and less known agencies.

Mari-Liis Eensalu, the Survey Expert with Kantar Emor, mentioned that the smaller players are often the ones that can offer personal approach and greater attention to their clients. She said, “The results of the survey show that the maintenance of the same service standards upon expanding is a challenge.”

The survey carried out by Kantar Emor was ordered by the Estonian Association of Marketing Communication Agencies (EAMCA). Lola Tehver, the Chief Executive with the Association, said that the purpose of the survey was to get direct feedback from the clients of its agency. She mentioned that since ten years have already passed from the last similar survey, a lot of changes have occurred – the clients as well as the agencies have changed.

“In a general perspective, it is difficult to rank agencies where there are currently three people employed and agencies with 20 and more employees. The expectations of the clients regarding agencies vary and expectations on creativity and strategic partnership are also different. For one client, a strategic partner is the one that helps to carry out one event, for the other client, strategy has an entirely different dimension,” explained Tehver.

“We wish to maintain continuity and next year we can do a new survey on what our partners think about and expect from us,” added Tehver.

The study showed that the most reputable advertising agency of Estonia is Refleks, the most reputable design agency is AKU and the most reputable event agency is ID Production.

The most well-known advertising agency is Tank, the most well-known design agency is Velvet and the most well-known event marketer is Orangetime.

The best strategic partners were Optimist in advertising agencies, Velvet in the field of design and Acer Events (current name Frank Events OÜ) in the field of event marketing.

Advertising agencies Tabasco and Optimist share the top place in creativity and the clients think that AKU is the most creative design agency and Jolos the most creative event agency.

In the survey, the clients were asked to assess the importance of Golden Egg advertising and creativity competition in their everyday work. It revealed that 68 percent of the marketers regarded winning an award in the Colden Egg competition with a campaign that they had carried out as rather or very important. Every sixth one regarded it as exceptionally important.


The clients of 26 member agencies of the Estonian Association of Marketing Communication Agencies participated in the survey which was completed in the beginning of November, there were a total of 215 deciders of the Estonian marketing field. The list of the assessed agencies also included eight agencies not belonging to EAMCA. In addition, each participant had the chance to add their cooperation partner, if it was not already included in the given list.

Source: www.etkal.ee


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