What is an hybrid event? How to implement it and how does it help us today?

26.03. 2020

Today’s emergency situation has made it impossible by law to hold any kind of event. For how long? Nobody knows. In this context, it is important to find alternative ways for already planned and new events. 

The active spread of COVID-19 most people are working from home or not seeing their colleagues for long time. It can cause many other problems, like misunderstanding between colleagues, tasks, lack of communication, team spirit etc. For employers it is important to keep their team and find ways to motivate them.

Companies have worked hard to combine their perfect teams. It would be pity to see how today’s situation breaks it. Hybrid events and motivational meetings help keep team spirit and will increase your team strength.

What is an hybrid event?

In hybrid event the whole team uses same online platform to meet at the same time. The event will take place through the screen. All necessary equipment and components (even food) is delivered each participants home before. In cooperation with our good partners, we have created some activity options. By combining these activities, we can build a proper virtual party. For more information ask us a query.


How to organize a hybrid event?

Organizing a virtual party or a event for your team motivation is really crucial to keep up your team motivation and team spirit. In most companies, colleagues are in home offices and everyone is working on their own tasks. Team motivation falls fast. That is why a virtual party can lift up everyone’s spirit and increase team togetherness. Daily Zoom or Facebook coffee breaks are fun, but people need more.

Today’s situation is like a spiderweb covered with water drops. Working environment is like a spider web – each thread and water drop is necessary to keep it all together. If you interfere the web too much it just collapses. Working from home office is nice, but lack of personal touch and communication distances colleagues. That is why it is important to obtain close touch with each water drop that your web will not collapse.


Hybrid event can be flexible

Regular event is on fixed date and time. Hybrid event has opportunity to save the content an later share it. Using existing materials gives possibility to reach even bigger audience. For the beast materials its always best to take in a specialist (consultant, mentor, event planner etc), whose advise to follow for the best online use.

Frank Events team has worked out several full service solutions. Contact free. Contact us to learn more about the special situation solutions.