Viru Keemia Group – organising a Christmas party

22.08. 2017

Dear Leho Luukas and Margus Vaher band staff!

Our greatest thanks for an amazing performance, for both the emcee and the band. The people were very happy. My supervisor said about Leho that he’s very professional and for the band, many couldn’t stop wondering how they can possibly be this good.
I was also very happy with your cooperation.

Thanks to Leho for helping to compile the entire programme. Leho, you’re also very well-liked here (one colleague also said that you’re somehow even extremely likable) and as usual, it’s very nice to collaborate with you – everything was nicely managed, both the event and me 🙂
People came to thank me for a very good event the next day, most of which must definitely be relayed to you – thank you!
I hope that we can collaborate again in the future.