Frank Events merged with adventure company 360 Degrees!

30.04. 2019

Frank Events, one of Estonia’s most valued event marketing agencies, has acquired adventure company 360 Degrees. As a result of the merger, Frank Events will become the most diverse event organizer and the leading provider of adventure tourism in the region.

After the merger, Frank Events and 360 Degrees will continue as separate brands, and there will be no change for the partners in everyday communication. However, closer cooperation will allow us to develop new solutions and offer even more versatile services.

According to Taavi Puuorg, founder and CEO of Frank Events, both companies had reached a stage in their development where it was necessary to make a big leap for implementing the vision and ambitions and it was logical to continue together.

Frank Events-360kraadi


The goal is to be more active in foreign markets

“Frank Events and 360 Degrees commit to our business with sincere contribution and great heart that has made us close partners during the years of cooperation. We have been breathing in the same rhythm for years, and this led us to the idea of a merger,” said Puuorg. “The vision of Frank Events is to grow into the region’s most diverse event organizer, to provide tailor-made solutions to customers and to develop adventure tourism. The team of 360 Degrees has tremendous experience, excellent attitude, and loads of ideas that we can start to realize together, but the essence of 360 for having special value in the Estonian market will definitely remain the same. ”

Future plans also include even bolder expansion to foreign markets. This can be achieved by localization of smart games currently in use or in development, the growing interest of people in nature and tourism and Estonia’s good and positive image.

“People want events to be meaningful. Combining the events through various concepts of adventure games and nature tours, we can create a unique solution for each client based on the specific goal and budget,” added Puuorg. “No matter whether it’s an internal or marketing event, a seminar or conference, Frank Events, and 360 Degrees offer a unique service in Estonia. We are a strategic marketing partner for our customers.”


Frank and 360 continue as separate brands

Puuorg asks for some patience from existing partners because the situation is new for both companies and it takes some time to synchronize the processes and daily routines, in addition to thinking and attitude.

After the merger, Frank Events and 360 Degrees will continue as separate brands, and there will be no change for the partners in everyday communication. Frank Events OÜ will become the owner of the 360 Degrees brand, inventory, rights, and obligations. The merging partners have not disclosed the amount of the transaction.

In nearly 17 years, the adventure company 360 Degrees has grown from a company carrying out nature tours and adventure events to the operator that has shaped the whole Estonian adventure tourism. Services include teambuilding games that are developed by 360 Degrees and mainly run on tablet PCs, organization of nature tours and summer days, and renting of camping equipment. 

“The greatest strength of 360 Degrees is the excellent team, whose readiness for co-operation is widely appreciated. They do a fantastic job and put their soul into their work, having built the whole brand thanks to only their ideas, without copying anyone,” noted Puuorg.

The main contact person of 360 Degrees will be Linda who together with Kaarina will be preparing offers and organize daily work. For special solutions and larger joint projects, contact Taavi.


Note: From 1 May, the services of 360 Degrees will be billed by Frank Events OÜ. Please note the name and account number of the recipient when paying the invoice.

Adventure company 360 Degrees continues to operate in Tallinn at Leiva 3. Frank Event’s new office is located at Sepise tn 8.