Summerdays – yes or no?

17.02. 2021

The desire to plan and organize company’s summer days is bigger than ever. Today we are in a situation where for almost a year most companies have cancelled their team events. Also bigger celebrations and weddings have postponed until 2021 summer. If all good then it’s going to be really busy summer.

If you want to organize company’s summer days then ACT NOW!

As a lot of events have postponed, the most popular holiday houses, bands and entertainers summer calendar are filling up.

And we realize that most of the corporate summer events will still not be traditional sauna rallies or dancing marathons until morning. We do have a number of other exciting ways to organize one memorable and fun event.

The focus is on the TEAM!

Hiking in various formats and additional fun activities along the hike has become extremely popular. Why not to organize a active summer event with longer hike on foot, bike or fatbike. And along the way teams need to work in teams to solve problems.

Different types of Amazing Race, challenges and extreme situations are also popular. It is possible to divide larger teams.

Which event is best now? Virtual, hybrid, outdoor event?

Every company and its employees are different. There are organizations that consider virtual and hybrid solutions to be new and exciting. At the same time there are number of people who prefer so-to-say old-school contact event.


People need socializing. We can help you to organize an event that best fits your team’s needs.

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