5 ideas for organising a successful customer event

13.04. 2018

People mention more and more how they wish to get personal approach when it comes to products and services and that in all fields of life. Still, companies participate in big information fairs thinking that they will address people belonging to the target group and communicate with them more thoroughly on-site. In reality, things do not work like that. A customer event is more personal. All of the visitors to the fair are not the target group of your company and there is so little time to communicate with each contact because the aim is to speak to as many people as possible.

Customer event is an alternative which may be more expensive that participating in a fair, but the profitability is many times higher. People invited and operating in the field will come to the event. Achieving contact with quality is significantly higher.

Customer event is a good place to emphasize the latest biggest achievements, present new products or keep good contact in a cozy free atmosphere with your customers and partners. Why not invite to the event all of the potential customers with whom it is good to speak to on-site. Customer event is certainly more effective and many times more personal than participating in some fair of the field of activity. In addition, it is possible to create memorable moments with technical production. See the video of the opening of the new hangar of Magnetic MRO or Icefier jubilee event in Pirita Convent.


But how to organize such a customer event or a customer day which would interest the people of the target group and which would make them participate? What would be a special thing that would make the eyes of the participant’s sparkle?

Here are five ideas for a successful customer event that the company of any field can use:

  1. Learning event – the focus of the event is on how to pass on “how to” knowledge. The ways for organizing that are limitless. For example, a manufacturer of beauty cosmetics teaches how to take care of your skin better. Or a producer/reseller of electric appliances teaches how to easily maintain various appliances at home. Or a plumber gives advice at a customer event of a company related to plumbing and construction on why and how to take care of the plumbing of your home regularly and gives examples on how much money it will save in the long-term perspective.
  2. Workroom event – this is very similar to the learning event. This time, however, the teaching is practical. All of the participants can do something with their own hands. For example, an IT software company makes the participants create some programme or application using the software of the company itself. Or a timber industry company lets to build something from its materials. Or a competition is held between the participants of the customer event in assembling, testing, building something or doing something similar. Products belonging to the product range of the company are used.
  3. Charity event – such an event has to be organized very subtly and professionally. People like to do good and that for some greater cause. Charity events can be held in every season. It is important to think through the purpose of the event in detail and choose a charity that would mean something and that would coincide with your values and the values of clients and employees.
  4. Involving a specialist and/or an influential person of the field in the event – renowned public people of the field and opinion leaders are certainly the keywords which bring more people to the customer event. For example, a manufacturing company of the food industry could involve some cooks who make something delicious using the products of the company. In addition, if there are several opinion leaders coming to the event, then why not organize a small public debate or a discussion on a topical subject.
  1. VIP event – people love it and they are very flattered if they receive a personal invitation for participating at a VIP event. The key clients of your company should be there. For example, the participants in the VIP event would get exclusive access to the “back room” of the company. Why not show them the production line, introduce the future plans of the company (if there are bigger objectives set) or offer discounts to the VIPs in the course of the event in the trade sector. At a smaller VIP event, you will hopefully have the chance to talk more to each client, find out their plans and also ask for recommendations in the case of a very good business relationship.

Customer events can also be associated with a marketing event or be a part of an internal communications event. 

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