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The event received extensive media coverage in more than ten editions. As the event took place in the middle of the working day, we assumed that about 200-250 people would arrive. However, almost 800 people were present.

How did we do it?

We were asked to organize the opening ceremony of the first stage of the largest parking house in Ülemiste City.  The parking garage at Sepise 8 has 450 parking spaces on five floors.  In the future, Ülemiste City itself wants to be car-free. They are one step closer to realizing that concept.

The host, Jüri Muttika kept attendees interest until everybody heard a helicopter noise. According to the Ülemiste City concept of being car-free, the artists Nublu and Reket arrived with a helicopter.

Estonias’ star rappers Nublu and Reket brought together in the middle of the working day over 800 attendees. So the parking house got a really good opening blessing with the best rhythms in town.


Thank you Ülemiste City for trusting Frank!

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