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Close to 110 Gatsby-styled participants. Lots of positive emotions and good memories.

How did we do it?

Mustpeade house big hall was turned into a glamorous party place with golden-black fabrics and red carpet.

Throughout the evening, a number of a different artist like Nele-Liis Vaiksoo and Anne Veski stepped up. With this energy, all 110 guests were kept on the dance floor with high energy and emotions. In addition, everyone had a chance to learn Gatsby-style dances. It was awesome to see that the dance floor was not empty.

Guests were asked not to bring gifts. Instead, it was recommended to make a donation for Cancer Fund “Gifted Life”. Isis Medical Chairman of the Management Board, külli Joonson and CEO Kaija Kõiv said in their opening speech “Isis Medical is happy to add the same amount of money we will collect today during the celebration. Our joint gift for the fund will definitely give more people hope, smile and happy moments and hopefully some more time with their loved ones.”

The sum of 3000 EUR has been handed over to the Cancer Fund.


Thank you all participants and Isis Medical for this event and that nice donation.

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