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An extraordinarily popular customer event where participants were able to discover exciting technical games, study the new products of ROI and compete in bowling. The audience was amused by the standup comedy of moderator Kait Kall.

How did we do it?

For the venue we chose O’Leary Bowling in the Kristiine shopping centre since this place has a cosy American vibe. In addition, it offers plenty of activities and there was also space for other activities added by us. Visitors were able to sample nearly 15 different activities from VR to bowling. For the event, a humorous sketch was prepared with the moderator Kait Kall. 

During the whole event, Kait Kall made people laugh and encouraged them to actively participate in various games. In addition, DJ Liisi Voolaid played delightful vinyls with US disco, funky and soul vibe. Emotions were added the led saxophone player.

The imminent feedback from the ROI staff and visitors was very positive. 

People were happy and had a great time, which is the main goal of such a customer event.

Thanks ROI for trusting Frank! Keep it rolling!

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