Dervico Estonia Christmas party

Dervico Estonia

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Everyone loved the whole concept and the final solution of the event. Most of the people were dressed accordingly or had some touches from the theme. Definitely memorable.

How did we do it?

Dervico Estonia is one of the companies where corporate events are really important and get a lot of attention from the Board. All events need to be different, make employees feel special and get them sizzling from the emotions.

This year’s Christmas party was held in mystical Glehns Castle in Mustamäe. With the right decorations, all the rooms got the Phantom Of the Opera set. All guests were asked to join to a grande and mystical mask ball.

The hosts were Phantom (Lauri Liiv) and delightful Christine (Nele-Liis Vaiksoo). In addition, other opera-famous characters moved around the area whom it was possible to take pictures and dace. Impressive dresses and costumes could be captured with Magic Mirror. The best suitable music was played by DJ Toomas Tuude.

The special atmosphere of Glehns Castle, mysticism and great people helped to create a realt time-travel info the former Phantom of the Opera time.

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