Telegrupp AS

Telegrupp AS

Internal communication


At the same time 110 people were occupied with different activities. Some of them included physical effort and others creative approach.

How did we do it?

A beautiful summer day which suddenly turned into a decent show.

The kids were kidnapped by Pirate Girl. Adults were divided into teams and the show could start.

Some teams were sent to the forest for a small hike that included 360 Kraadi orienteering game.  Others got an assignment to make a music video. They got a lessons from choreographer and instructor.  In few hours all necessary lyrics, dance moves and proper makeup was done. And the video filming could start. Later teams switched activities.

During this long day 4 unique and extremely awesome new versions of Offspring, Brittany Spears, Backstreet Boys and Cotton Eye Joe songs were produced. Stopmotion edited the videos really fast. So in the evening the videos were shown to everybody. We all got a good workout to our laughter muscles. These videos will remain visible only to Telegrupp people.  🙂

Thanks to the Telegrupp management who always accepts our ideas for awesome events.

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