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With this event, we could see that customer’s expectations were greatly exceeded. the event itself got media coverage in various publications.

How did we do it?

Seaplane Harbour was the perfect spot for the premiere of “Das Boot” TV series. The dinner was served next to the big submarine that is exhibited in Seaplane Harbour. In addition to that quest were able to walk around the museum where presentations of various exhibits were prepared.

For the premiere, a cozy area was set up with nice couches. A real big movie screen was set up. According to the participants, the atmosphere and the whole set-up of the event were professional and at the same time cozy.

After the movie, a Q&A session was held. For that TV channel Epic Drama representatives Karin Heijink, Ben Croucher and Marieke Van Der Veen were present. Together with the leading actor Rick Okon and scriptwriter Tony Saint.

Thank you Viasat World for this awesome event! Watch the Das Boot series on Epic Drama channel.


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