Anvol OÜ

Anvol OÜ

Marketing events


Well set up marketing events to promote Nerf shotguns to children and their parents. Total 3 events and each event had more participants than the past one.  Our client got good visual material for the further campaigns.

How did we do it?

All in all we organized 3 NERF tournaments in different shopping centers – Ülemiste Center, Tartu Lõunakeskus and Rocca al Mare.

Each event had a separate Facebook event that was promoted among target audience. Also we involved different youth organizations to promote our event in their channels.

The aim was to introduce children and parents to NERF guns of different capacities through playful activities. The desire was to arouse interest in NERF rifles so that so many children would like it for Christmas. All in all, well-organized tournaments that had a lot of interest in the competition.

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