Nordea Money Race

Nordea Estonia

Internal communication


Corporate summer event organized to build team spirit and motivation. During two days almost 250 employees participated.

How did we do it?

The aim was to organize summer days for Nordea Estonia employees. All measurements to avoid too much connection and the possible spread of COVID-19 were considered. Participants could still meet as teams as much as possible, there would be a part of teamwork and the whole event could be memorized. The organization of the event had to take into account the fulfillment of health requirements necessary by national restrictions.

Taking into account the situation in the country, we organized an smart-orienteering competition for 250 Nordea Estonia employees, where the teams (6-8 members) had to solve different tasks at each point. The whole process was taken with pictures and video. One of the team activities was taking a team picture. A group photo of the Nordea logo was compiled from all the team photos taken.

You can watch the overview video here.


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